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Dino Attack was a LEGO theme that was only availale in 2005. It had a sister theme, Dino 2010.




Post-apocalyptic brilliance!
This theme is an odd one for many reasons. From the unique post-apocalyptic setting, to the large plastic dinosaurs, to the minifigures that look like something from an action movie. But it is brilliant. The plot revolves around a small team of humans in hugely advanced vehicles doing battle with large mutant dinosaurs to reclaim their world. The sets all consists of a vehicle, and at least one dinosaur. The smallest set just contains a small trike-like thing, but the largest has a huge helicopter, a T-Rex, and a pterodactyl. The dinosaurs may not endear themselfs to many LEGO fans, but I like them, anatomical inaccuracies and all (the tyrannosaurus a LASER EYES! whats not to like?). The minifigures are awesome, and have set the standard for many post-apocalyptic MOCs, as has the theme in general.
Pros: Awesome minifigures, great monsters, nice sets in general.
Cons: Never available in Europe. "Dino 2010" was available there instead, hard to come by nowadays.
Review by: Cligra
Overall Rating:

Five stars