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Brick Reviews Newsletter (Issue 2 - July 2011)
Welcome to the second issue of the Brick Reviews Newsletter!

Remember, any confirmed changes to this wiki will also be found here, allowing you to learn what will be happening, one month in advance before it happens.

NEW Features!
Last month we introduced a new personal review section at the top of all your reviews showing some of your statistics here at Brick Reviews. The new section we added looks likes this:
Doctor Who SKP4472

Country: United Kingdom Age Group: 13-18 Sex: Male
DayJoined: 7th November 2010 № of Reviews: 5 Gold 2x4 Brick № of Featured Reviews: 3
LEGO Logo Building Experience: LEGO Expert

Every user will have their own avatar and statistics shown on their reviews. Each user is responsible for updating their personal statistics section on their reviews. You no longer have to update your Profiles as Nighthawk leader has added a category code which auto-matically updates it for you. Special thanks to him for this massive improvement.

You're allowed to remove the top three fields and the bottom one like the one below:

NHL Avatar

Nighthawk leader

DayJoined: 15th February, 2011 № of Reviews: 0 Gold 2x4 Brick № of Featured Reviews: 1

However you're not allowed to remove the three fields showing the date you joined, number of reviews or number of featured reviews.

To edit yours, search, User:<your user name>/Profile. Please give your feedback by leaving a comment at the bottom of the issue.

Wikia Chat
Now that Wikia Chat has been enabled, please use common sense on as to what is appropriate to do and not do. If anyone steps out of line they will be warned and then kicked off chat if it's to continue. Other than that, please enjoy!
Latest News
Latest news:

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