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This page is considered an official policy on Brick Reviews.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

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This is Brick Review's Manual of Style. All articles should conform to the standards listed below.

  • Proposals for minor additions/alterations to the MOS can be made here.
  • An archive of former votes/discussions about proposals that were added to the MOS can be found here.


  • All articles should contain correct spelling, punctuation, capital letters and language structure.
    • Articles should use British English for their spelling. Differences between UK and US spelling can be seen here.
    • LEGO, DUPLO and QUATRO should all be spelled with capitals.
    • Generally, minifigure should not be abbreviated to "minifig" or "fig".
  • Articles should be written from a neutral point of view (that is, objective). Pointing out features of the topic of the article (eg a set) is encouraged, but using sentences such as "this set is one of the best sets in its theme because..." is not.
  • Any images placed throughout the article should be of a suitable size, captioned appropriately, and "fit in" well with the rest of the article (for example, placing a single large image at the very bottom of an article which hasn't been resized with the caption "an hq pic of the set" would not be acceptable).
  • If anything requires indenting in an infobox, {{si}} should be used.
  • All key chains contain 1 part and no minifigures. This is how LEGO lists them.

Leaving a review

  • Use the {{Review}} template. Fill out the forms after the "=" symbols. Please place the review below the infoboxes.
Between the sections:
|Overall Rating=
|Value for Money=
place your votes within the numbers of 1-5.
|review title=
|review by= 
|Overall Rating=
|Play Experience=
|Level of Difficulty=
|Value for Money=

Creating Set articles

  • Use the {{Set Infobox}} template. And fill in the fields after the "=" symbols.
  • Place this code: ==Reviews== after the infobox.
  • Place all {{Review}}'s after the "==Reviews==" heading.

{{Set Infobox}} template

{{Set Infobox
|Title = 
|Image = 
|Item № = 
|Pieces = 
|Minifigures = 
|Price = 
|Ages = 
|Released =
|Theme =


  • This template is used to describe the set. (If there is no product page at

Creating a Minifigure article

  • Use the {{Minifigure}} template. And fill in the fields after the "=" symbols.
  • Place this code: == Reviews == after the infobox.
  • Place all {{Review}}'s after the "== Reviews ==" heading.