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Welcome to Brick Reviews!Edit

Brick Reviews Wordmark Welcome
Brick Reviews, located at, is Wikia's only LEGO review wiki, which was founded on 7th November, 2010 by SKP4472. Brick Reviews goal is to provide a free online source for LEGO reviews. Brick Reviews has reached a size of 58 articles, and has 0 active users right now.

Brick Reviews was founded to allow users to view and post reviews about any official LEGO Product. Here at Brick Reviews you can post a review about any official LEGO product whether it be a set, a key chain or a magnet, you can review absolutely any official LEGO product here!

Notes Edit

  • Brick Reviews has 58 articles and a total of 875 pages.
  • Here at Brick Reviews, a total of 2,675 edits have been made.
  • Brick Reviews has 141 files.

What Brick Reviews is Edit

Brick Reviews is a place where anyone can post a review about the LEGO product they love.

What Brick Reviews is NOT Edit

Brick Reviews is not a detailed encyclopedia about LEGO products.

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